Introduction course for immigrants

The Job Centre (Center for Job og Uddannelse) offers an introduction course for newly arrived immigrants. The course is three-years long.

Definition of immigrants

  • Nordic nationals
  • Cross-border commuters
  • Citizens in Denmark under the scheme for people earning above a specific amount (beløbsordning - min. DKK 375,000 in 2015)
  • Green-card employees or their families
  • Nationals from third countries who come to Denmark to join a returning Danish family member.
  • EU nationals or their families
  • Students and au-pairs

What is an introduction course?

An introduction course is a programme for immigrants, and it can comprise:

  • Labour-market Danish language course
  • Ordinary Danish language course
  • Programmes to help employment

The aim of the introduction course is to improve your Danish linguistic skills and knowledge about Danish society with regard to the labour market and education system. You can decide for yourself whether an introduction course is for you.

Read about ‘intro-Danish’ and ordinary Danish language courses

Programmes to help employment

Programmes to help employment could include work-placement at a company, a job on a wage subsidy, courses on job search and applications, or other programmes to improve your opportunities on the Danish labour market. Note that job-search courses, for example, are in Danish. Not all immigrants are entitled to employment programmes.

Do you want to find out more?

For more information about your options to take part in an introduction course, contact the Helsingør Job Centre.