Integration programme

Integration programme for newly arrived immigrants and people moving to Denmark to join their families are offered by the Job Centre (Center for Job og Uddannelse).

The Job Centre (Center for Job og Uddannelse) and they are there to help you become part of the Danish labour market.

If you are an immigrant or if you have moved to Denmark to be with your family, an integration consultant from the Job Centre will work with you to draw up an integration contract for your participation in the integration programme.

What is an integration contract?

An integration contract is an agreement between you and the Helsingør Job Centre on the activities you are to take part in. These activities are also called your integration programme. You will have to take part in regular interviews with the Helsingør Job Centre while you are on your integration programme.

Contents of the integration programme

The integration programme is composed of:
• Danish courses
• Programmes to help employment

Danish courses

You are entitled to Danish lessons at a language school for up to five years. The five-year period commences the first time you are offered a Danish course - no matter whether or not you accept the offer. The Helsingør Job Centre can offer you a maximum of one Danish programme.

Read more about Danish courses on the Sprogcenter Nordsjælland website

Programmes to help employment

Programmes to help employment could include work-placement at a company, a job on a wage subsidy, courses on job search and applications, or other programmes to improve your opportunities on the Danish labour market. Note that job-search courses, for example, are in Danish.

Do you want to find out more?

For more information about the integration programme, contact the Helsingør Job Centre.

Helsingør Job Centre

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Phone: 49 28 28 28