Danish courses for newly arrived immigrants

The Job Centre (Center for Job og Uddannelse) offers Danish courses for newly arrived immigrants.

The basis for your residency will determine what type of programme you are entitled to and the length of the programme. The aim is to improve your Danish linguistic skills and knowledge about Danish society with regard to the labour market and education system.

What Danish courses are you entitled to?

If you are an immigrant or you are in Denmark to be with your family, you are entitled to take part in an ordinary Danish language course for up to five years.

If you are an immigrant, you will first have to complete a course in labour-market Danish, which takes up to 18 months. Then you will qualify for an ordinary Danish course of three years. 

Labour-market Danish course

The labour-market Danish language course takes up to 18 months. The course provides rapid and flexible teaching in Danish and it will enable you to attain targeted competences to get by linguistically at work and in everyday life. Once you have completed a labour-market Danish course, you will have to take a final module test.

If you want to continue on to the ordinary Danish course, the result of this final test will determine which module you are to start at.

Ordinary Danish language course

The language school offers Danish courses that suit your level; no matter what level of education you have from you home country.

You can start on one of the following programmes:

  •          Danish 1, modules 1-6
  •          Danish 2, modules 1-6
  •          Danish 3, modules 1-5

You will receive a certificate for passing Danish 1, 2, or 3.

Regarding both types of programme

Both ordinary Danish courses and labour-market Danish courses incorporate teaching on Danish society, culture and history. Classes include Danish democracy, citizenship, the Danish labour-market model, basic principles of the welfare society, and the Danish education system. The language schools supply information materials about citizenship as well as civil rights and duties.

Do you want to find out more?

For more information about Danish programmes, contact the Helsingør Job Centre.